Image-Guided Microwave Therapy

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This invention seeks to combine an improved method of treating T1 to T4 breast cancer through a tumor treatment system that both treats and monitors tumor cells with a combination of focused microwave therapy (FMT) and spectroscopic thermoacoustic imaging (STI). The goal is to employ heat to destroy or reduce tumors while minimizing invasiveness and tracking the treatment's effects.


Traditionally the treatment of breast cancer is relegated to invasive surgery, chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and hormonal therapy. Because these treatments have potentially harmful side effects, demand for less invasive procedures has been increasing. Researchers at the University of Arizona have designed this tumor treatment system to address this demand and reduce side effects caused by traditional treatment. 



  • Medical imaging
  • Cancer treatment



  • Combines monitoring and treatment
  • Non-invasive and non-toxic
  • High temperature accuracy capable of destroying or reducing tumor size
  • Greatly reduces common side effects
  • Potentially lowers the rate of remission
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Garrett Edmunds
Licensing Manager, UAHS-TLA
The University of Arizona
Lead Inventor(s):
Russell Witte
Hao Xin
Diego Martin