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The proposed technology uses software visualization techniques to display structured and unstructured data in an interactive geographical map. The technology incorporates machine learning and natural language processing to develop the results displayed to showcase various types of research topics.

Currently, within the market, there are a variety of analytical software systems that are used to assist different aspects of a business by either simplifying their work process or making a process more efficient. Within the market, there are a variety of software and cloud-based systems that work to cover business areas of needs.

Within the education market, there are analytical software products that are tailored for administrative tasks to assist individuals in simplifying their tasks. Other products are tailored to assist with student registration, and all these products work to make the institution have a more efficient process.

Across the companies that offer software tailored towards higher education, this technology has some unique features. The technology allows organizations to analyze research activities across different types of universities and other research organizations. The proposed technology allows individuals to get a high-level overview of the research and investments taking place. Showcasing this information allows individuals to make better decisions based on the presented data.


  • Interactive map to showcase various types of research going on within universities and colleges


  • Provides a condensed view
  • All information is showcased in one map
  • Allows higher education institutions to have a better understanding of where their research stands compared to other institutions
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Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager, Eller College of Mngmt & OTT
The University of Arizona
Lead Inventor(s):
Md Iqbal Hossain
Nirav Merchant
Stephen Kobourov