Lensfree Microscopy for Ultrafine Particulate Matter Monitoring

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This system monitors ultrafine particulate matter and pollution in the air using compact, inexpensive, and portable devices, which enable time-resolved measurements particle sizes. It could be used to implement a dense network of devices, which provide ultra-precise real-time monitoring of air content and quality levels.

Particulate matter 100 nm and smaller is “ultrafine” particulate matter, which is particularly hazardous to human health despite not being widely monitored like “fine” particulate matter, which is less than 2.5 um in size. Lensfree microscopes have advantages over conventional microscopes due to their cost-effective hardware, compact and light-weight form factor, and high-space bandwidth product, which is the field of view divided by the area of the smallest resolvable spot. A high space-bandwidth product allows many objects to be imaged simultaneously within a large field of view (FOV).


  • Research
  • Healthcare
  • Internet of things
  • Energy and utilities 
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Consumer electronics
  • Environmental monitoring


  • Cost-effective hardware
  • Light-weight form factor
  • Ultrafine particulate matter sensing
  • High-space bandwidth product for simultaneous object imaging in large FOVs
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Richard Weite
Senior Licensing Manager, College of Optical Sciences
The University of Arizona
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Euan Mcleod
Maryam Baker