Luna Mine Planning

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This invention proposes a plan and method by which to begin mining operations on the Earth’s Moon.

As settling activities on Earth’s Moon continue to become more feasible, there has long been interest in what raw materials can be extracted or mined. From the diverse mineral sources that are potentially available on the surface or underneath, one of the key materials that remain as the top interest for exploitation is water ice.

In this invention, the authors propose a production-oriented approach for a straightforward and effective production cycle for extraction of water ice and other resources of interest.


  • An effective and straightforward approach and production cycle for extraction of water ice on Earth’s Moon
  • Mined ice can be used to create pure oxygen or rocket fuel for human use


  • Targeted method
  • Defined unit operations and working cycles
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Tariq Ahmed
Sr Licensing Manager, College of Engineering
The University of Arizona
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Victor Tenorio Gutierrez
Kerst Kingsbury
Kapil Galla