Measuring Blood Brain Barrier Permeation of Peptides

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This method enables quantifying the blood brain barrier (BBB) penetration of endogenous opioid peptides, such as enkaphalins, endorphins, dynorphins, nociceptin, and endomorphins.  A measurement system uses a fluidic system and the use of preservative agents to prevent enzymatic degradation of peptides to be measured.

Neurological compounds typically need to access the brain to achieve their effect. Due to the blood brain barrier, only specific classes of compounds can successfully achieve this, limiting neurological drug construction. Compounds that can cross the BBB, such as endogenous hormones, their analogues, and peptide sequences that mimic their effect are therapeutic candidates.  Analytical chemistry techniques are needed for in vivo quantification.  Research tools are needed to support non-opioid pain relief therapies.


  • Peptide drug development for CNS indications
  • Life sciences research tool


  • Measurements are quantitative
  • Simple system

Status: issued U.S. patent #10,874,334

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Laura Silva
Sr. Licensing Manager, COS
The University of Arizona
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Michael Heien
Nicholas Laude
Catherine Kramer