Nano-Based Broad-Band Photon Detector Array

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This invention is a thermoelectric photon detector technique that achieves high density of photon detectors. This technique also allows for the construction of a large array or high resolution thermoelectric broad-band (UV-IR) single photon detectors.


With many studies and reports published regarding photon detectors, the majority of these sources focus on a single nanostructure or arrays with poor resolution/spacing. Although single nanostructures are often used for photon detectors, this invention allows for the creation of a large array of photon detectors through the use of distributed nano pilars, electrode pads, optimizing spacing between adjacent nanostructures.



  • Military radiation detection
  • Mapping
  • Sonar intelligence 


  • Optimizes spacing to achieve the highest spatial resolution
  • Eliminates heat leakage to substrate
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Brett Mortenson
Licensing Manager, College of Engineering
The University of Arizona
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Qing Hao
Na Lu