Nucleophilic Activation of Elemental Sulfur with Amines and Nucleophilic Heterocycles

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This invention describes a process to utilize nucleophiles to activate elemental sulfur.

Existing catalytic methods involve heavy metal components and ultraviolet light. Alternative options also include using free-radicals to catalyze a polymerization reaction. The invention instead has the benefit of generating intermediates with unexplored reactivity, which can be used to bond compounds into a sulfur copolymer. 


  • Polymeric drug delivery systems
  • Production of lithium sulfur batteries



  • Rapid reaction time
  • Cost saving
  • Increased efficiency in terms of product produced per unit time
  • Increased efficiency regarding energy usage for the production of the compounds
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Jonathan Larson
Senior Licensing Manager, College of Science
The University of Arizona
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Dong-Chul Pyun
Richard Glass