Overlapping Apertures Diffractive Optical Lens

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This invention describes a diffractive optical lens that utilizes overlapping apertures for higher resolution images than conventional methods. The inventors have created a lens design, method of manufacturing, and an imaging instrument to utilize the lens that is based on overlapping apertures where a single coherent light illumination is used, and multiple images of the object are measured simultaneously, which can be used to construct a higher resolution image of the object. This has the potential to be superior in function and resolution in image capturing compared to the current standard.

In many optical applications such as handheld or smartphone cameras, multi-focal lenses, and flat lenses use a traditional method of object construction by measuring multiple images of the object under different coherent light illumination with specific measurements to reconstruct the resulting image.


  • Smartphone cameras
  • Handheld cameras and camera lenses
  • Medical imaging
  • Remote sensing
  • Surveillance
  • Laser collimation and illumination


  • Higher resolution
  • Overlapping aperture technology
  • Low form factor
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Richard Weite
Senior Licensing Manager, College of Optical Sciences
The University of Arizona
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Stanley Pau
David Brady