Packed Bed Scintillation Particles for Radioisotope Detection and Separations

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University of Arizona researchers have developed hydrophilic scintillation microparticles made with polystyrene cores, doped with a scintillator material, and encapsulated with a thin silica coating. The resulting microparticles are hydrophilic and can be easily surface modified to provide a variety of purposes in radioisotope activity detection, such as scintillation proximity arrays, particle-packed cartridges, separation columns, or sensors.

Radioisotopes are used as molecular tracers in a variety of assays and liquid scintillation cocktails. Scintillation particles are molded polymers with dyes or inorganic glasses. Scintillant microparticles consist of core-shell microparticles for sensitive detection of radioisotope activity.


  • Liquid scintillation
  • Scintillation proximity assays or other radio-assays
  • Monitor / control separations with radioisotopes


  • Uniform particle size and shape are suitable for use as a separation column packing
  • Hydrophilic particles enable attachment of a wide variety of probe moieties
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Jonathan Larson
Senior Licensing Manager, College of Science
The University of Arizona
Lead Inventor(s):
Craig Aspinwall
Minhui Han
Colleen Janczak