Phase Change Nanodroplet - Liposome Conjugates for Enhanced Drug Delivery

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This technology utilizes phase-change nanodroplet-liposome conjugates to achieve targeted drug delivery of oncology therapeutics. The technology uses ultrasound to convert the nanodroplet into a gas, whereby this cavitation of the nanoparticles cases stress on the tight junction areas of the brain. The cavitation will temporarily make the blood-brain barrier more permeable, allowing the nanoparticles and their conjugated drug-payloads to cross the blood-brain barrier to the diseased brain tissue.


Blood-brain barrier (BBB) technology is a set of scientific techniques and practices that enables medicinal substances to pass through the previously impenetrable BBB. BBB technology combines technologies from the pharmaceutical/biotechnology with advanced drug delivery technologies, allowing therapeutics to cross the blood-brain barrier.



  • More effective and efficient drug delivery
  • Allows a much larger drug payload to be delivered to the targeted tissue
  • Significantly smaller size (range of 1-10x smaller) than existing microbubble technologies
  • Highly stable
  • Can be prepared and stored for an extended period of time before usage


  • Oncology therapeutics
  • Drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier

Status: issued U.S. patent #10,881,735

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Mitch Graffeo
Sr. Licensing Manager - COM-T
The University of Arizona
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Theodore Trouard
Terry Matsunaga
Marek Romanowski