Printed Wearable Microfluidic Sweat Sensor Array

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This invention is a wearable biosensor that is capable of sensing biomarkers of interests in sweat. This invention has the flexibility to be worn, the durability to withstand the common degradation of polymers in complex aqueous/organic environments, and the sensitivity to pick up on multiple biomarkers found in human eccrine sweat.

Wearable biosensors are garnering substantial interest due to their potential to provide continuous, real-time physiological information via dynamic, noninvasive measurements of biochemical markers in biofluids, such as sweat, tears, saliva and interstitial fluid. These wearable systems for health monitoring are capable of measuring physiological parameters, such as vital signs (i.e., heart rate, respiration rate, body and skin temperature, oxygen saturation, etc.), skin conductance, blood pressure, electrocardiogram (ECG), electroencephalography (EEG), acceleration, rotation, etc. What makes this research unique is that the device is more durable and its capabilities flexible than other devices currently offered. The electrodes in this invention will be protected from the sweat to avoid degradation and thee electrodes can also be tweaked for selectivity of biomarkers.


  • Biomarker sensing
  • Health monitoring


  • Simplicity that provides scalability
  • Durability
  • Operates at low voltage
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Jonathan Larson
Senior Licensing Manager, College of Science
The University of Arizona
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Erin Ratcliff
Jonathan Harris