Pulsed Laser with Temporal Coherence Control

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This technology is a solid-state substitution of excimer lasers, specifically the ArF laser. The technology is suitable for lithography use and for the manufacturing of semiconductors. This approach will alleviate technical issues with current technologies in semiconductor manufacturing approaches. The technology uses a cascading system to reach the target ultraviolet wavelength in order to work with the semiconductor materials. 

In the semiconductor manufacturing industry, ultraviolet lasers are utilized to work with these materials. However, there are technical issues having to do with fiber nonlinearity that limit the abilities of said lasers. Therefore, a solid-state laser alternative has been produced to address these issues and increases control of temporal coherence. Control of such parameters allows for more precise manufacturing capabilities. 

The semiconductor industry is much vaster than the average individual is aware of. Semiconductor components are implemented in almost every consumer electronic available, including microwaves, digital clocks, and any device with an LED display. Therefore, this technology has immense demand as it could help to improve a vital manufacturing process for thousands of popular consumer goods. 


  • Semiconductor manufacturing


  • Reduces issues of fiber non-linearity
  • Increased control of temporal coherence
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Richard Weite
Senior Licensing Manager, College of Optical Sciences
The University of Arizona
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Yushi Kaneda