Quantum Random Number Generator

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This invention is a quantum random number generator (QRNGs) that provides a method to generates numbers that are mathematically guaranteed to be random at the highest rate allowed by current methods. This new method leverages quantum computing systems standard practices and enhances the confidence of randomness to the numbers that are generated for industry use. 


This invention applies a higher level of certainty of randomness to random number selection as it pertains to usage in the national defense and cyber security. Cybersecurity and digital privacy systems require random numbers to encrypt and authenticate data. Randomness is essential in everything we do with computational and communications. Currently, the hardware that is used to provide these random numbers are based from a physical process, not by the means of an algorithm. Currently methods leverage hardware random number generations as they have been proven to provide a higher level of random numbers for industry practice.



  • National defense
  • Data & network science
  • Cybersecurity


  • Higher confidence of random number generation
  • High compatibility with current hardware random number generators
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Brett Mortenson
Licensing Manager, College of Engineering
The University of Arizona
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Boulat Bash
Saikat Guha
Zihao Gong
Allison Rubenok