Quantum Receivers for Entanglement Assisted Communications and Sensing

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Entanglement Assisted Communication (EACOMM) and quantum computing is the future for many different industries. The unique capabilities of being able to calculate some superposition of atoms between 0 and 1 is a huge asset for complex computing. While the channel capacity for EACOMM has been theoretically demonstrated, optimal quantum receivers have yet to be determined. In order to realize the optimal efficiency and capability of EACOMM, quantum receivers must advance in tandem with the other hardware involved in EACOMM. This technology is a step in realizing the capability of EACOMM and does so with a lower-cost solution. The technology involves the use of several low-complexity quantum receivers employing the optical parametric amplifier as a basic building block.

Entanglement Assisted Communications (EACOMM) relies on quantum entanglement which is the heart of quantum physics. EACOMM takes advantage of the fact that quantum physics laws describes how atoms are able to take on some superposition between 0 and 1 instead of the simple binary in communication over the internet today. This principle of superposition allows for the performance of far more complex calculations which is extremely useful in many different areas. The superposition allows for secure transfer of information through quantum key distribution (QKD). Because each particle is some fraction between 0 and 1, two communication systems are able to send information through fiber optic cables and through a process known as key sifting, ensure that they have the same key. This process makes the transmission of information practically impossible to hack.

All of these stand as theoretical capabilities of EACOMM and are beginning to become reality with several EACOMM applications beginning to unfold in real-time. However, the hardware needs to continually improve in order to achieve the theoretical capabilities of the theoretical channel capacity of this technology. These new quantum receivers enhance the actual capabilities of quantum communications.


  • Entanglement assisted communications
  • Quantum computing


  • Less costly
  • More accurate
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