Smart Box for Health Logistics

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This invention provides a smart container for storing of biological samples that have been collected at one site and that are being sent to another site for analysis. The containers provide a number of functional benefits, including the ability to preprocess the sample, with the preprocessing intimately tied to the transportation step and the particular sample processing facility. In this manner, sample integrity may be maintained, and the sample may be automatically tailored to the receiving facility. This preprocessing can help decrease the overall processing time, increasing sample fidelity, and decrease time to a diagnosis or result. Furthermore, the smart container incorporates electronic monitoring to track GPS location and control temperature and moisture inside the package.


There is an expanding market for transportation of critical medical products and there is a need for a cost effective and efficient way to transport the products without spoilage. Although transportation is available, even through large companies such as UPS and FedEx, there is still a need for greater efficiency and decreased cost. Although conventional shipping packaging can provide storage of medical products to preserve their integrity, (often by thermal isolation and cooling), this refrigeration adds cost and complex logistical components while restricting access to the biospecimen or medical product for any active processing or inspection. Furthermore, some operational scenarios may require preprocessing and monitoring of biological samples during transportation to optimize the emergency response.  



  • Preprocessing of biomedical samples during shipping
  • Environmentally controlled shipping of biomedical samples
  • Optimization of emergency response



  • Preprocessing of samples
  • Features innovative techniques that allow for specific shipping of medical materials
  • Has the capability to be remotely monitored
  • Lower cost than conventional shipping methods
  • Has already been tested and validated on a cross-country trip
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Garrett Edmunds
Licensing Manager, UAHS-TLA
The University of Arizona
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Brett Duane
Jian Gu
Alan Nordquist
Frederic Zenhausern
David Brenner
Mikhail Repin