Solid Set Flood Irrigation

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This invention is a solid-set irrigation bubbler head sprinkler system designed to replace existing low-output sprinkler heads commonly used in agricultural fields. The design of the system directs the water downward to guide it toward the soil while simultaneously controlling the flow to prevent soil erosion. This innovation allows for more precise flooding of fields and precise fertilizer applications. The solution devised by the team at Yuma County Cooperative Extension promises to significantly improve the efficiency of flood irrigation for secondary crops, leading to more sustainable and productive agricultural practices in Arizona and beyond.

Historically, secondary crops have relied on “basin flood irrigation,” a low-cost method that flattens the land and opens a single canal gate to flood the field gradually. This is crucial not only for providing the necessary water and nutrients to the crops but also for dissolving and washing away accumulated salt. However, the challenge with traditional flood irrigation has been uneven water distribution across the field, with more water infiltrating near the canal gate and less at the opposite end. This leads to suboptimal crop growth, as well as salt accumulation in some areas, which can be detrimental to crop health. By replacing low-output sprinkler heads, this innovation enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of flood irrigation, promoting healthier crop growth and reducing the environmental impact associated with excessive water and fertilizer use.


  • Agricultural irrigation 
  • Pre-irrigation
  • Salt leaching


  • Enables accurate, faster, more even water distribution across fields
  • More efficient field flooding, nutrient application, and salt removal
  • Faster irrigation sets
  • Less overall water use
  • Healthier crop growth from more consistent and reliable irrigation
  • Comply with sustainable farming practices and irrigation efficiency standards
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Tod McCauley
Assistant Director of Licensing, CALS
The University of Arizona
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Robert Masson
Hector Munoz
Don Dinwiddie
Ethan Orr