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This software package is designed to allow users to take advantage of the HydroGEN national hydrologic modeling platform to generate their own watershed model. Subset tools can easily provide a working model for any watershed in the United States that the user can then take to generate any simulations they would like. A python package that allows users to interact with large hydrologic modeling datasets to build their own watershed model. Learn more about this package at

Water is the driving force behind extreme weather events, damaging the nation’s people and economically straining the US. Hydrological research, analysis, and forecasts to predict adverse weather events is needed to mitigate and prevent damage. HydroGEN’s platform for hydrologic simulation with sophisticated modeling tools, advanced machine learning algorithms, and current data to provide accurate forecasts can help decision makers. 


  • Forecasting hydrological scenarios
  • Analyzing groundwater problems
  • Risk management for insurance purposes
  • Aid for wildfire planners, forest management, and water management


  • Customizable
  • Physical models generated 
  • Advance models generated
  • Web-based (easier and on-demand access)
  • Advanced software
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Jay Martin
Licensing Associate, Software and Copyright
The University of Arizona
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Laura Condon
Amanda Triplett
Reed Maxwell
William Hasling
Lisa Gallagher
George Artavanis