Super Resolution Lens Free Microscopy

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This invention describes a design for a lens free microscope system that can achieve resolution significantly better than current technologies. The technology involves the use of a nanostructured mask to encode high resolution information about the object that would normally be lost due to diffraction.

Lens free microscopes are advantageous in several ways including cost-effective hardware, compact and lightweight form factor, and high space-bandwidth product. Current lens free microscopy methods have limitations on resolution, as they have diffraction limits of one-half wavelength.

The inventors have developed a new and effective design that can achieve a super resolution lens free microscopy system with resolution significantly better than one-half wavelength. The inventors propose using a randomly nanostructured mask to help encode high resolution information about the object being imaged. This empowers lens free technology to have far more applications.


  • Super resolution microscope


  • High resolution
  • Cost effective
  • Far smaller than equal caliber traditional microscopes
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Kennedy Nyairo
Sr. Licensing Manager, Optical Sciences
The University of Arizona
Lead Inventor(s):
Euan Mcleod
Maryam Baker