Systems and Methods of Analyzing Healthcare Data

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This invention includes systems and methods for collecting and analyzing healthcare information to provide complete, automated health records for patients. The analytic system accepts a broad range of raw data which is translated into concepts using knowledge-bases and then applied to electronic health records (EHR).



With the shift toward new payment models and the sheer amount of clinical data contained in electronic health records, more and more healthcare groups are looking to analytics solutions for population health management. Healthcare organizations can differentiate themselves through data analytics. Factors such as federal healthcare mandates, wide scope of predictive analytics, and improvements in the financial and operative function are driving the installation of healthcare data analysis in hospitals.



  • All healthcare fields requiring data collection



  • Gathers and accepts a broad range of raw data, much of which is not currently recorded/recordable by EHR systems or healthcare workers
  • Automatically generates concepts from raw data and records them to patient’s EHR
  • Creates a complete image of a patient’s health
  • Summarize current health and estimates healthcare costs
  • Predicts future health events and estimates cost of future care
  • Can simulate in-person interactions and fill gaps in care that telepresence creates
  • Improves ease, cost, and value of data collection
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Rakhi Gibbons
Director of Licensing & IP
The University of Arizona
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Marvin Slepian
Fuad Rahman
Arijit Mitra