Vehicle Protection Mechanisms

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This invention implements mechanisms to manage risks of vehicles overturning including means of outright avoiding obstacles, correcting for tilts, and mitigating consequences from rolls. Engineered guards passively protect from a wide variety of hazards. If the vehicle tilts, angled guards provide stabilization. If the vehicle does roll, certain guard parameters minimize impact and encourage resulting right-side up orientation. Vehicles are made inherently safer in a fundamental way and deployment/mission duration can be extended.


Overturning is an inherent risk of vehicles, especially in difficult terrain. Operationally, this is all-the-more concerning for remotely-operated or automated vehicles far from easy correction, such as in exploratory space missions or reconnaissance in remote areas or in mining and subterranean environments.



  • Space exploration rovers
  • Military reconnaissance
  • Automobiles
  • Explosive ordinance disposal
  • Robots and automated processes
  • Mining
  • Subterranean environments


  • Failsafe passive engineering, requiring less need for monitoring or maintenance
  • Self-correcting mechanisms that are independent from type of hazard encountered
  • Simple and easily adaptable design
  • Passive simplicity reduces system complexity and sensitivity to malfunction
  • Mission or deployment duration extension

Status: issued U.S. patent #11,110,878

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Rakhi Gibbons
Director of Licensing & IP
The University of Arizona
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Wolfgang Fink