Polymeric Valve for Tricuspid Applications

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This invention is a medical implant that is made of polymeric and metallic materials that functions as a replacement valve for tricuspid applications. The valve functions as a flow regulator and can be installed in low pressure, low flow, and low shear cardiovascular structures. It is specifically engineered to reduce stress on the implant structure as well as to reduce and minimize stress imparted on overflowing fluid, such as blood.

Treatment of severe tricuspid regurgitation poses a significant challenge, with considerable risks and medium-term outcomes. The current methods primarily involve increasing diuretic doses, while the appropriateness and timing of open-heart surgery are still debated. Emerging percutaneous therapies have shown promising results in initial feasibility studies, providing potential advancements in managing this complex heart-valve condition. Furthermore, alternative treatments like using insertable valves to replace the damaged valve with an artificial one is also a viable option.


  • Tricuspid valve replacement
  • Flow regulators


  • Polymeric material is engineered to reduce and minimize stress
  • Can be installed in low pressure, low flow, and low shear cardiovascular structures
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Garrett Edmunds
Licensing Manager, UAHS-TLA
The University of Arizona
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Marvin Slepian
Danny Bluestein
Brandon Kovarovic